Scholarship & Endowment Fund

You can donate Rs.1,00,000/- to establish an endowment and the interest accrued from this will be utilized for awarding scholarships, prizes etc. to the deserving students.

Fee Sponsorship

Our Vidyalayas offer a fabulous opportunity for the students to undergo educare in serene atmosphere using the latest trends in pedagogy. Majority of the students hail from rural areas, economically poor families, first generation learners and wards of poor labourers. Here is the great opportunity for you to support the noble cause of education by sponsoring a minimum of Rupees 5000/- p.a. as fee sponsor to the needy children

"Vidya Danam Maha Danam". We appeal to you to lend a helping hand in this nation building activity. We assure you that every rupee donated by you will be very judiciously spent and properly accounted for.

Income - Tax Exemption: Donations given to the Trust qualify for tax exemption under section 80-G of the Income-Tax Act.